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Cornish Milk from Cornish Farms

Who We Are

Founded in 2011 by Richard Maior-Barron, Country House Foods are proud to be a small artisan business located on the beautiful Roseland Peninsula, South Cornwall.


Richard has always been obsessed with cheese, especially Cheddar and made it his goal to find the most delicious of its kind in Cornwall, smoke it, then feed it to you!


The most important part of this goal was to find not only Cheddars made in Cornwall but to find ones that had been made using Cornish Milk from Cornish Dairy Herds!


Once this task had been accomplished he set out trying to find the best combination of smoke flavours to enhance the fresh, creaminess of the cheeses and not overpower it.


To this end it was decided to cold smoke all our cheeses using only Applewood and this has remained the case.


All our Cheddars are hand cut the traditional way using a cheese wire.

Richard Maior-Barron

From Cornwall with Love

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